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What are Zener Cards and How are They Used?

Named after researcher Karl Zener, Zener cards were developed in the 1930s and are used to test the psychic abilities clairvoyance, precognition, and telepathy.

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Types of Psychic Abilities? Only One!

Of all the types of psychic abilities people talk about, they all stem from one thing. ESP is all based on accessing intuition. You can do it!

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Telepathy: Mind-Reading ESP

Telepathy is a form of ESP that enables one to read minds. You can develop this natural nonverbal communication.

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Space Clearing: Something We All Need

Space clearing transforms noxious energy. Energies can ruin your health, finances and relationships. Don't let them.

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Reading Tarot Cards: Tapping Intuition

Reading Tarot cards is too often dismissed as a parlor trick. Not true! YOU can use this psychic ability to improve your daily life.

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Psychokinesis:: The Power of a God?

Psychokinesis is the most powerful of psi powers. Other forms of ESP primarity gather information, but PK actually changes physical objects.

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Psychic Tests Can Be Misleading. Find a Good One and Take it Seriously.

Free psychic tests online are pretty much alike. You predict what card, color, shape, etc. will appear next. But does that test your psychic ability?

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