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Maggie & Nigel Percy of Sixth Sense Consulting, Inc.

We have created this website to offer you reliable, practical information about psychic powers, what they are and how to develop your own. So whether you are visiting to gather information, to be entertained or to find a way to change your life for the better, welcome!

We believe you will enjoy visiting our site again and again. We are constantly adding new material to enhance your experience. So bookmark the site and visit often.

Meet Maggie...

Hi, I'm Maggie Percy. My husband Nigel and I have been working together since the year 2000, using our psychic abilities to advise clients.

We also enjoy training people to develop their own psychic powers.

Map dowsingI began to develop my psychic abilities later in life. Being a NASA inspector and researcher for 14 years, all my scientific training told me to be skeptical of psychic powers.

Dowsing and energy healing therapies were the gateways to intuition for me. After a health collapse, these methods were what led me back to perfect wellness.

I couldn't deny that they worked. Soon, I was confident enough to share my talents with other people and even with their pets.

Maggie at GlastonburyThen I met Nigel, who was living in the U.K. doing very similar work to me. (I was a Reiki Master Teacher who dowsed, and he was a Spiritual Healer who dowsed.)

I traveled to meet him, we married some months later and came back to the U.S. to open our business.

I have used psychic powers in a variety of areas: animal communication, dowsing, healing work, finding lost objects/pets and space clearing. In the past year, I have started channeling.

My strongest psychic powers were clairaudience and clairsentience to begin with. I am now finding that I am also clairvoyant.

Nigel and I found many ways to use our psychic abilities to help others and generate income. Our journey of discovery led us to formulate Modern Western Geomancy. With MWG, we bring harmony to people's lives in order to create perfect outcomes for them. Doing this uses a lot of the powers discussed on this website.

I believe that you can develop psychic powers by practicing the use of your intuition. It does take commitment and practice, but it is FUN.

My life has been filled with joy since I decided to become psychic. Not only that, it is a blessing to be able to have a business doing something you love, as Nigel and I do.

... and Nigel

I'm Nigel, Maggie's husband and business partner.

For me, my psychic abilities really only kicked in after I had been dowsing for a while.

I had picked up on dowsing as it intrigued me greatly. I first started dowsing over animals before I graduated to people. I was fascinated by what this skill could uncover.

However, after a while, I realized something really important was happening to me.

The more I dowsed, the more sensitive I became. And the more sensitive I became the easier it was for me to 'get' the information I needed.

Nigel Percy at Stonehenge

So, after some time, I began to be able to 'see' what was wrong in people (like medical intuition). I was able to 'see' which areas of a room, or house needed clearing.

Then I began being able to sense the energy fields around people.

All the time I was dowsing everyday, for fun, for clients, for interest.

All this led me to learn how to use energy to help people who wanted to be healed. (It also led me to Maggie, as we shared the same interests!)

Now, I am able to be open to more information than I was ever capable of accessing. I can even channel a group of beings which gives me even greater knowledge.

In other words, I was not one of the 'natural' wonders of the psychic world. By no means!

But what I did do was practice every day and I was open to what came to me. I learned that if I really tried hard, it was less effective than if I just let it happen.

For me, all this proves that everyone has the ability. Everyone is capable of being psychic.

For a lot of people (maybe you!), all it takes is practice and acceptance.

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