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Absolutly Free Psychic Readings

Animalcommunicators1Are free psychic readings worth anything at all? Sure they are! Gifted psychics doesn't make free psychic readings out of sheer generosity - the free reading is a sample of their skills, so you can test them without spending any money. I think that is most fair!

Below you will find a list of psychics, who conduct free readings - please feel free to give them a test drive.

The psychics below have all high standards, and you should not be afraid of getting billed for anything you don't want. Typically they offer a free 3 minute or 5 minute reading, and when the time is up you are asked if you would like to continue. It's then up to you to decide, whether or not you connected well with the reader.

Some psychics also have special offers for new clients - again a very affordable way of trying out the psychic and see if he or she is something for you. I have listed the special offers at the bottom of the page.

Absolute Free Psychic Readings

Keen Psychics - 3 minutes for free

The first psychic network to offer free readings is Keen Psychics. Keen is one of the largest networks, and one of my absolute favorites. Why? Well, first of all Keen is SO professional. The site works, their unique feedback system works and their phone system works. On top of that, they offer a full satisfaction guarantee - ask for your money back and you will get it, with no hazzle at all.

On the down side, Keen offers so many different psychics, that it is easy to feel a bit overwhelmed, and of course not all psychics are equally good for everyone.

Click Here To Get Your FREE 3 minute Psychic Reading At Keen

Psychic Access - 6 minutes for free

Psychic Access is quite similar to Keen Psychics, but instead of 3 free minutes to new clients, Psychic Access offers 6 minutes! Psychic Access has fewer psychics in their network, but this is not necessarily a bad thing - their screening process seems to very efficient and their psychic readers has a really good reputation. Generally the psychics at Psychics Access are less expensive, and the site has a more friendly look and feel - anyway, that's my opinion.

Another very good thing about Psychic Access is that they offer a free chat with the psychics. This is a public chat, but you get a chance to learn a bit about the reader, before deciding who to try out.

Click Here To Get Your 6 Minute Free Reading At PsychicAccess Right Now 


Special New Client Offers

As mentioned above, several psychics have special offers for new clients. I have listed a few of them here:

10 Minutes for $1.99

This is the offer from Keen - quite good since you can choose any psychic you like.


Here you get a very low rate of $1 per minute for as long as you like - again a quite good offer.

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