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Why Ask "Am I Psychic?"

questionI never even asked myself, "Am I psychic?" until I was an adult. I just assumed I wasn't. Does that sound like you?

Don't assume psychic powers are rare. Everyone has them.

It's like any talent. It improves with use. Having a teacher helps you learn faster. We can help you here.

How psychic are you? Most psychic tests aren't that useful for predicting. But they can be fun. And we have discovered one that we feel can help you develop your psychic powers. Click here for more details.

It doesn't matter when you begin to access your psychic ability. My husband and I both became professional intuitives as adults.

Define 'Psychic'

Moon and hill When I was young, I had a very 'Hollywood' definition of being psychic. I thought being psychic meant being like in the movies.

Now that I am making a living using psychic intuition, I can see how confusing it can be to ask, "Am I psychic?" It is confusing because of how 'psychic' is defined.

I now see that the Hollywood version of psychic is extreme. The truth is that we are all capable of being psychic.

Becoming psychic just means using your intuitive senses to gather information instead of your physical ones.

The five physical senses: touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight, give information about the physical world.

However, most of the universe is made up of energy. Energy is invisible. Your intuitive senses allow you to sense invisible things.

Many Native cultures believe that we have intuitive senses, just as we have physical senses, and that we should use both as appropriate.

Take a Psychic Test

key to successSo if you have ever asked, "Am I psychic?", it's time to accept that you are. You can develop your psychic abilities.

Becoming psychic is a matter of using your intuitive senses and building them up. Think of them as muscles that will get stronger with regular use.

A good starting point in answering the question, "Am I psychic?" is to take a psychic quiz. It's a fun way to begin to explore this subject.

There are many types of psychic tests. One of the oldest methods used in scientific research is the Zener cards, which were created in the 1930s at Duke University.

Most tests only measure one or two types of the many psychic powers. So don't give up if you 'fail' a quiz!

Let us help you discover and develop your psychic powers for fun or profit. There's more free information here than you will find anywhere else on the web.

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