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Are Psychics Real?
How Can You Know?

questionAre psychics real? Avoid searching for 'proof'. If there were absolute proof of psychic powers, there would be no controversy, would there?

There is plenty of evidence that psychic abilities are real. Some proof is in the psychics themselves. Other evidence comes from scientific experiments.

There are skeptics who try to disprove psychic abilities. They expose false psychics and criticize experiments.

Could both be true? Yes. There are real psychics and clever fakes. There are good and bad experiments.

We don't worrythat there are con artists pretending to be psychics. That is true of all professions. Even mechanics and doctors. The fakes don't make the real professionals any less real.

Unbelievers have planted the idea that psychics have to be right 100% of the time to be 'psychic'. Do not buy in to that ridiculous assumption.

We have never met a psychic who said they were always correct. In fact, if someone says they are, wewould avoid them.

No human being is perfect. You don't expect your doctor or mechanic to always be right, so don't set perfection as the standard for psychics.

Psychic powers are real. They are a wonderful tool you can use to improve your life. To see how, click here.

Maybe you think you aren't psychic? Why not find out? Click here.

But remember psychic abilities are a tool, and like any method or tool, they are subject to misuse, abuse and mistakes. For best results, have respect, common sense and positive intent when using them.

Smoking Guns:
Government Projects and Scientific Research

GunIf the government and scientific institutions spend millions of dollars on something, they must feel the subject has some credibility. Is that a stupid assumption?

In order to get funded, a project has to convince the people in power that it has merit. Usually that means it can be a weapon or give our country some kind of advantage.

Likewise, scientific research is done on a budget. Most research budgets are much smaller than the government's funds. Yet paranormal research is done at universities and scientific institutions as well as by the government.

For these reasons, it seems that if you ask the government "Are Psychics Real?", the answer must be at least "Maybe." And the same seems to be true of the scientific community.

There is no consensus that psychic powers are totally a fake, or money would not be spent researching them.

What is Psychic?

Another problem in proving psychic powers is the definition of 'psychic'. What is 'psychic'? The ordinary definition of psychic refers to perceiving things using extra-sensory perception.

What is ESP? 'Extra' means beyond or outside of. So psychic abilities are by definition unusual and beyond normal experience.

Aboriginal cultures know about these intuitive senses which we call psychic. Animals also use these senses to help them find food, water and medicine.

Our culture is so science-oriented that it ignores these natural abilities. It has separated them from us by calling them 'extra-sensory'. But if you want to become fully human, you need to embrace that part of you that has these nonphysical senses.

The psychic part of yourself will help you live a balanced, harmonious and happy life. Start by learning the basic use of your intuition by clicking here.

Are psychics real? By my definition, we are all psychics.

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