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Astrology: Both Art and Science

Astrological signsAstrology can help you discover your true personality, strengths, weaknesses and your mission in life. Apply what you learn in a reading to improve your finances, health and relationships.

The history of this ancient art goes back thousands of years. Ancient peoples believed that all things are connected at some level. Therefore, even things in the heavens could affect us on earth.

Historically this field fell into the realm of magic and superstition when astronomy split off as a separate discipline and donned the mantle of 'science'. Now, the average person regards reading the heavens as entertainment rather than enlightenment.

The fact is: this is a science. It requires complex calculations and an expertise at interpretation. Moreover, it requires the use of intuition for maximum accuracy. Thus it is also an art, a 'psychic' art.

Looking for Free Information?

I have had a number of readings done by reputable practitioners, and the results amazed me. But the techniques involved are so complex, I would not try to do a serious reading for myself.

A lot of people are looking for free stuff: free charts, free readings, free software. A word of warning to you: free stuff can only skim the surface of the giant ocean of information you can glean from this ancient science.

Since results are based in part on calculations, you can get some basic information from software and simple calculations. But the best readings involve live input from a professional. That is where the 'art' and intuition come in.

So how can you watch your budget and get the most useful information? Find a reputable professional who will offer you free information, but who also has services for more in-depth readings. See if you like what is offered for free, then sample the other services.

I have found a perfect resource that meets these criteria. Eric Hughes, a professional astrologer based in the U.S., has a website that offers a wealth of information: there you can find free information, including signs, planets, houses and forecast.

After perusing his site, you will no doubt want to discover more: compatible signs, relationship advice and much more. You won't find a more honest and accurate reading of astrology online!

Eric is even an expert on pet astrology. Learn more about your pet and improve your relationship. If you compete with your animal companion, an astrological reading will help you win those competitions.

I urge you to visit Inner Flame Astrology and learn more about this exciting field. Eric will help you discover your inner flame through this ancient technique. Let me know what you think of it!

Going Professional

Key to SuccessDo you want to become a professional astrologer? The same general advice applies to this as to any other 'psychic' job.

There are no quick routes to becoming a pro. Obviously, the first ingredient is a passion for the subject. Hours of study and research and learning, followed by lots of experience, will get you to your goal.

Marketing will be very important if you intend to make a career of this. The general public is into the entertainment value. Even skeptics will read a horoscope now and then in the daily paper.

Hollywood style astrologers may be emphasizing the glitzy entertaining aspects of this ancient art. But you can be a serious professional and make a good living without turning your business into a circus act. It just depends on your personality and goals.

You will need to find your place in the market and deliver your services in a way that serves the needs of enough people to create the income you desire. Personally, I would prefer to be taken seriously over being superficial and entertaining. But there is nothing wrong with delivering fun as part of your service.

Intuition is valuable in the practice of this profession. A piece of software can create a chart. But a human being is needed to look at all the factors and get a clear picture of what is going on.

Astrology is a career that can help people improve their lives. It is a great way to combine an ancient science with the wisdom of intuition.

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