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 Channeling: Tuning in to the Spirit World

Channeling (also spelled 'channelling') allows you to connect with a spirit or spiritual source and get answers to questions or information on a subject.

mediumMediums are kind of like a radio. They are not supposed to add or subtract anything to the reading. But they become a sort of transformer that translates the message into human language.

There are a variety of ways to receive mediumistic information. One may go into a trance. Or automatic writing may be used. A simple meditative state with intent is enough for some mediums. Others use a type of telepathy to 'get' the message.

There are many beings in the Universe that have a level of intelligence and a willingness to communicate with the human race. Some of these beings are benevolent, while others are not. There are also beings in the spirit world that can harm humans unintentionally. So there are some risks involved in being a channel.

Usually people do this type of psychic reading to get information they don't feel they can get any other way.

What's So Dangerous About Being a Medium?

Think of it as using a short wave radio and talking to people all over the world. You don't know who you are connecting with. Some might be really nice, while others might not.

When you speak to spirits, you are consciously choosing to communicate with something you know little or nothing about. This is a way bigger risk.

While you can use protection and set your intention before each session, that does not guarantee that you won't run into trouble. If you try to become a medium without proper training or protection, and especially if your ego is involved, you are asking for problems.

exorcistSome beings can literally take you over. Others are toxic to humans, even if they don't intend to be, and contact with them can harm you.

Some beings wish humanity all the best, and talking with them can be very uplifting and encouraging. The ones who are ethical, though, are not going to tell you what to do with your life. They realize it is YOUR life, and so a desire for someone to guide you so you won't make mistakes is not a good reason to channel.

Kind advanced beings sometimes will over general advice to help you along your way, but any that tells you exactly what to do should raise a red flag in your mind. No ethical being should dictate your actions or judge you.

"Abraham" is a being channeled by Esther Hicks. The Abraham information is very uplifting and helpful. We encourage you to read the Abraham-Hicks books or listen to their tapes. But it's like talking with a favorite uncle. Listen and learn, but remember it's your life to live.

 How Can You Become a Psychic Medium?

This ability is very feminine, in that it requires a level of receptivity and passivity to work. If you are a very mentally busy person, or a very active doer, then you might find it hard to be a good medium.

Being a good medium means emptying yourself and opening yourself and just being a conduit. As in some forms of healing, this is the key to success. Being able to make the mind be still and shut up and let go of sketicism is important. Also, you will want to have excellent intuitive abilities.

key to successWe urge you to learn proper protection prior to any session. It could save your life or health.

Also, it is important to focus your intent clearly so that you only connect with beings who will help you, not harm or use you.

We feel that starting with automatic writing is the best way for most people, unless they have already shown an ability to channel. Automatic writing is easy to learn.

As with anything, practice makes perfect. Even the most famous mediums had to work to become good at it.

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