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Are You Crazy if You Hear Voices?

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Clairaudience involves hearing things psychically. Sometimes it is combined with other psi powers, such as clairvoyance. Joan of Arc was said to have had visions and heard voices.

This power can manifest in at least two ways.

  • You can hear voices,or
  • You might just have mental words appear in your head, much as they do when you are thinking.

How can you tell the difference between normal thought processes and clairaudience? It isn't easy. I only discovered my ability late in life because it was the subtle form.

Maybe you always thought hearing voices was a sign of insanity. In fact, people do often accuse those with ESP of being crazy.

As with all psi powers, you can develop clairaudience. If you have a preference for auditory stimuli, this may be your talent.

How You Can Tell You Have It

Some people who are clairaudient actually hear voices, as if someone is speaking to them. Yet no one is physically present. Moses on the mountain top is an example of this type of clairaudience.

It's easy to tell you are clairaudient if this is the form you have. But what if you have a more subtle version? What if the words are heard inside your head?

My mind is always thinking about things. As I think, it is as if words form in my head about the ideas I am thinking. This is especially true of shy or introverted people. We even rehearse conversations in our heads!

I always assumed that anything that went on in my head was me. That seems a safe assumption. You expect privacy there.

Because I figured everything in my head started with me, I never questioned things I thought or felt.

Then one day when I was in my forties, I had an aha moment. I was shown that a significant portion of what goes on inside my head originates outside of me.

I was riding back to the barn after a riding lesson, and my instructor walked alongside my horse. It was a hot summer's day. Suddenly, I thought about watermelon. I wasn't hungry or thirsty, but watermelon came into my head.

I rationalized that the heat made me think of it, even though I wasn't a huge fan of watermelon. Seemed a logical thing. Not one minute later, my instructor said she had been thinking of buying a watermelon for the whole afternoon, and she intended to go shopping right after the class for one.

I was stunned. I realized I had picked up on her thoughts without knowing it.

How many other times had I attributed other peoples' thoughts or feelings to me? And to think that even inside my head, it wasn't totally private. That was disturbing.

I began to watch what I thought. I discovered how to tell between my thoughts and those that were clairaudient. I believe this will work for a lot of people.

For me, my own thoughts appeared in my head, usually after a process of development. I could easily see them grow through this process if I paid attention.

On the other hand, things that I heard psychically appeared out of nowhere, as if they had been injected into my brain fully formed. Like the watermelon.

I learned that if something popped into my head, it was often psychic. I often get information about a client or location this way when I work.

Key to SuccessSo if you can tell the difference between your normal thought processes and this sudden type of inspiration, you may discover you have this psi power and never knew it. Just like me.

You are more likely to be or become clairaudient if you are focused on auditory stimuli.

  • Do you like music a lot?
  • Are you an auditory learner? (Learn by hearing)

If so, this may be your talent.

Are You Nuts?

People with ESP are often accused of having some type of disease, mental or physical. Why is that?

I think that when people are scared or don't understand something, or if something seems very different, especially if it makes you powerful, they often react negatively.

Joan of Arc was burned at the stake for heresy. Her visions and voices were part of the charges against her. In modern times, some scientists have tried to explain her abilities as a result of a disease process, though none have offered truly acceptable reasoning.

If you hear voices that tell you to do something anti-social, you are likely to end up in a straight jacket. This is just because society wants to be safe.

I personally think that a lot of people who hear unexplained voices, regardless of what they are being told, have psychic or intuitive abilities. Sometimes if you have a powerful ability, but have not been trained in its use, you can end up in trouble.

My husband and I strongly believe that a lot of people who have been committed to asylums are not insane. They may have attachments to spirits or other nonphysical beings or dimensions that account for what they are seeing or hearing. If treated properly, they can be returned to a normal life. We have seen this in our own practice.

It is a shame that conventional medicine just locks people up when they can't explain them. Like in the movie K-Pax. Just because something doesn't fit your belief system does not make the person 'crazy'.

So if you have clairaudience, use this gift in a positive way. Learn to develop it. Click here for help.

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