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Clairsentience: Overlooked and Underused

Why don't you hear much about clairsentience? Maybe it's because it isn't as easy to glamorize as clairvoyance or clairaudience. Clairsentience is psychic feeling. It is a bit more difficult to define than the other psi powers. It varies in its manifestations. These probably contribute to it being overlooked.

This ability, sometimes referred to as 'gut feeling', may be the most common form of psi power. We don't have research to prove that, but based on our experience, we have seen 'gut feelings' actively at work in many people who don't even think they are psychic.

When you feel your intuition is talking to you, that can be this particular talent. If you get a hunch, that can be it. 'Just knowing something' is an example of it.

Man questioningWho hasn't experienced this psychic phenomenon? Most people can tell you of a time they met someone and just knew something about them that later turned out to be true. Often, you will hear someone say, "I had a feeling about that." That's clairsentience in action.

Because this psi power manifests in a variety of ways, such as just knowing, geting a tingly feeling, having a hunch or having a funny feeling somewhere in your body, it is hard to point to it as a psychic power.

Perhaps this 'psychic knowing' is the best proof that psi powers are not 'para-normal'. We all get hunches and know things without knowing how or why. We just don't think of it as a psychic ability. And most people don't know what name to put to it.

If you have ever felt something was true, known it in your heart, had a strong gut feeling, then you have experienced this ability. If you went with that feeling, things probably worked out fine.

In our opinion, 'psychic knowing' is probably an intuitive ability shared with many animals. Rather than seeing it as an advanced ability, perhaps we need to regard it as a basic knack that helps guide humans and animals away from danger, towards food and water and helps them make safe and healthy decisions.

Developing Clairsentience

Key to SuccessPsychic knowing uses your body and your feelings to show you information. To use this ability, you need to be able to listen to your body. If you are touch oriented, you may find it easy to practice.

If you have learned to shut out pain, exhaustion and emotions, then psychic knowing won't be as easy to experience. You will first need to start allowing yourself to become familiar with your body and your emotional responses to things.

People who are very much 'in their heads' may not find psychic knowing as easy as those who are in touch with how they feel physically and emotionally. If you have powerful mental energy, then practicing this talent will help balance you and ultimately make your life better.

Observing how you feel and learning to interpret those feelings are the key to psychic knowing. We can't give you a lexicon of the feelings and what they mean. You can find some listed on the internet, but your best bet is to learn your own feelings for yourself.

Practicing the general intuition strengthening habits will help you a lot with developing this talent. As always, practice does give the best results.

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