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Dowsing: Easy to Learn
and Incredibly Accurate

L-RodsDowsing is an ancient form of divination that anyone can learn to do easily. In our opinion, it is the best way to begin developing your psychic powers.

For a free lesson in this simple technique, click here.

We use it every day. Now we never fail to choose a good movie, restaurant or vacation destination.

It's Easy!

Why start with this technique?
  • It is easy to learn
  • It requires no fancy tools
  • It works well for everyone
  • It can be applied in more ways than other techniques

key to successUsing cards, runes, the I Ching or dreams requires you to learn a lot of interpretation. Becoming a channel is intimidating to most people, and in our opinion, it can even be dangerous if done without caution. Simply using your intuition is quite challenging.

But it is so simple to dowse! Anyone can learn it. You can begin to get accurate answers right away. For a free lesson, click here.

It Works!

Maybe you have seen an old guy out in a field using a willow branch to find underground water. Water witching is another word for this psychic method, when it is used to find water.

Finding water may be one of the oldest applications of this technique. You can be sure if it didn't work, no one would use it!

I have used this method for:

  • Water witching
  • Finding underground services/pipes/cables
  • Sensing auras, chakras and other energy fields
  • Animal communication
  • Health applications
  • Finding lost objects and pets
  • Space clearing/environmental harmonization

You can use this technique in person or long distance.

Other Benefits...

PendulumsYou can make your own tools for pennies. A pendulum can be a bit of dental floss with a metal nut tied on the end of it. Rods can be made from plastic straws and a coat hanger. Better yet, you can learn to use your body as a tool.

Do you have trouble picturing yourself as psychic? Are you more of a scientist or engineer, or even a skeptic? That's ok.

You won't have as many obstacles to overcome with this method. It plays to the strengths of verbal and analytical people.

I was a trained scientist who doubted her psychic ability when I first learned to dowse. Becoming successful built my confidence and opened the door for me to explore other psychic methods.

You can apply this simple technique in all areas of your life. The applications are only limited by your imagination.

If you want to be psychic, try this method. We think you'll like it a lot.

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