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Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet

Edgar CayceBorn in Kentucky, U.S.A. in 1877, Edgar Cayce is one of the most famous psychics of the 20th Century. He is called the 'Sleeping Prophet' because his 'readings' were done while he was in an unconscious state, as if he were sleeping.

He was quite often astonished or amazed at hearing what he said whilst in his 'sleeping' state.

He was born to a traditional Christian family, and his abilities did not jive with his religious upbringing. His life story is an excellent example of how hard it is to step into your power when you have been conditioned not to be a powerful person.

Most of his readings were done for sick people all over the country, who sought his advice to help them become healthy. His readings prescribed unusual natural remedies that worked, and they are the reason he is called the 'father of holisitic medicine.' 

He had no medical background, yet was able to suggest simple, natural techniques and substances that healed people.

He also revealed interesting information about his past lives during readings. Edgar Cayce did not, at first, believe in reincarnation, as his Christian background rejected that, yet as troubling as it was, he came to accept it.

He was unsuccessful in using his abilities to predict where to drill oil wells. In fact, he never was able to profit financially from his psychic talents. I see this as a direct result of his cultural and religious values, which only allowed him to use them to help others.

In addition to health remedies and past life information, the Sleeping Prophet spoke of coming earth changes in the future. Many people believe that earth changes are coming in 2012.

In 1931, 14 years before his death, Edgar Cayce founded the Association for Research and Enlightenment. Based in Virginia Beach, VA, this organization is a repository of all his works. The A.R.E. continues to educate people about holistic healing and spiritual subjects. 

Differing views

As always, people are divided over their view of Edgar Cayce.

He is one of the single best documented psychics of all time with 13,854 readings recorded. These were mostly after 1925 but there were many more which were not recorded or which have since been lost.

The majority of the readings (over 9,000)  were associated with health problems and his simple, direct methods for dealing with them.

Where there tends to be most disagreement about his psychic abilities, however, is in the area of prophecy. 

Although he predicted the beginning and end of both World Wars, the lifting of the Depression in 1933, assassination of two presidents and racial conflict in the US, many of his other predictions have not seemed to have happened.

For example, his statement that the Hall of Records under the Sphinx would be opened has not, apparently, happened.

Neither have his predictions of massive earth changes which should have happened, according to most interpretations, by at least 1998, having started much earlier.

In addition, his readings on Atlantis have to be taken on faith alone.

Such faith-based interpretations of Edgar Cayce and his seer-ship, have been attacked by many skeptics who say that most of what is known about his life and predictions has little scientific rigor. People were gullible, they say. His ideas about alternative medicine to be nothing short of quackery.

Nevertheless, his impact has been and continues to be tremendous. 

The very fact that he seemed surprised at what he told people, that his work is (for the most part) carefully documented, and that what he told people about their personal issues was often very precise and accurate, has helped to keep his name alive as one of the major psychics of our time.

Another Edgar Cayce?

Interestingly, David Wilcock appears to be linked very closely to Edgar Cayce, maybe even being his reincarnation. The similarities are many and the full effect of this possible reincarnation can be found on Wilcock's web site, here.

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