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Famous Psychics:
Real or Fake?

What's your opinion of famous psychics? Do you believe in their powers?

Especially since there is no real agreement on whether psychic powers even exist, it's hard for folks to know what to think about professional psychics who have won fame and fortune.

In my opinion, just as with any profession, there are honest practitioners and con artists.

There are many historical figures who were renowned psychics, as well as current famous psychics. On this site, we offer information on:Stars

Real or Fake?

If search the internet for information on famous psychics, you will find websites dedicated to 'debunking' them. In most cases these websites are created by people who do not know the person they are attacking.

Why would a sane person take the time, effort and money to create a website just to attack a total stranger? There is obviously a lot of emotion attached to the idea of whether psychics are accurate or not. That emotion can lead to grudges and vendettas.

Take Jeane Dixon for example. As with most of the psychics in our list, Jeane Dixon made predictions about the future. And like the other psychics, she was only accurate some of the time.

Some people seem to think that any inaccurate prediction automatically negates the accurate ones. I am not sure why. No one is always right.

There are websites that point to her 'incorrect' predictions as proof that she was a fraud. I can't see the logic in that.

Jeane Dixon accurately predicted an amazing number of events. She was also 'wrong' a certain percentage of the time. To me, that doesn't diminish the value of what she did.

If someone is a real psychic, why would they 'make mistakes'? Two significant reasons:

  • Humans aren't perfect.
  • Interpreting information is challenging.

Your doctor, lawyer and mechanic make mistakes. You accept it, even if you aren't happy about it. However, people think psychics should know everything. How silly is that?

Psychic or intuitive information is just an augmented way of getting more data. Just as going to med school doesn't guarantee your doctor will always be right, being a psychic doesn't mean you will always know everything. Sorry.

Interpreting data is difficult. Take statements from witnesses at an accident, and you will often get several different opinions as to what happened. So who is right? Everyone sees things through the filter of their own mind.

Psychics are human. They have to interpret the data that comes in through their intuition.

Intuition is always accurate. The interpretation is subject to mistake, due to the prejudices, experiences and emotions of the interpreter.

So all those people and websites that want to point to predictions and say they are wrong mean very little to me. I know that the information delivered by intuition is always accurate, but that humans are subject to error.

I am willing to allow psychics to be human. I accept that some will be better than others. So find the one you feel is honest and most accurate, and consult with her/him. But don't get upset if they sometimes prove to be human. That does not mean they are fake!

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