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Fortune Telling:
The Magic is in the Person

SignWhich fortune telling technique most appeals to you? That is a very good hint about your own psychic abilities.

There are two overall ways to access information psychically: with a 'tool' (more common) or without.

The tool can be anything: a deck of cards, a pendulum, a dream. You could even call a spirit guide a 'tool'.

The second type, without a tool, could be called psychic intuition. Just directly accessing the answer to your question. No tool, no help, no guide. Just knowing. That's simple fortune telling.

Psychic Methods

The methods you can learn about here include:

I started with dowsing, and I still use it every day. I enjoy doing card readings and dream interpretation for myself. I also do some channeling. Psychic intuition is a method I am practicing more, as it helps with all the others. The only ones listed that I don't do are runes and the I Ching.

I have a good friend who loves runes and angel cards for fotune telling, because they speak to her. My husband Nigel uses the I Ching, in addition to all the methods I use. He is a very verbal and poetic person, so it appeals to him. To me, it seems very confusing to interpret.

If you want to develop your own abilities, then choose one method and learn all you can about it. Let us share what we know and set you on the path to becoming psychic.

Strengths & Weaknesses of Different Methods

key to successSome hints about what strengths certain methods play to are:
  • Card reading, Runes: using these methods will appeal to you if you are visual and tactile.
  • Dreams: artistic, creative and visual. Do you like symbolism? This might work well for you.
  • Dowsing: analytical, verbal, even scientific, but also appeals to intuitives. This method is the best way to get started in our opinion, because it is a good entry level technique that uses a tool and isn't heavily weighted to intuitive people.
  • I Ching: Better for verbal, poetic people who like allegory and symbols.
  • Channeling: If you can take a leap of faith, are very intuitive and trust yourself, this is a powerful tool. But we have some cautions we share with you.
  • Automatic writing: This method is often used by channelers. It simply means writing down the information as it comes to you. A simple method if done cautiously.
  • Psychic Intuition: Less potential risk than channeling, this is easier for intuitive types.

Don't just go by what we say. Use the above descriptions as a starting point in your search for your perfect psychic method.

If you are just looking for answers, the most attractive fortune telling technique is still the best for you to use. We can help you find an expert in that field to work with.

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