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Jeane Dixon: Hoax or Prophet?

Jean Dixon, the famous psychicJeane Dixon has a very good press. Indeed, that is one of the major problems anyone has when trying to assess her impact.

Her major claim to fame is her supposed prediction of Kennedy's assassination. However, that is not quite so clear as it might appear, as we will see later on.

Her real fame came about because of her national exposure in syndicated newspaper columns (over 800 of them!), a best selling biography (Gift of Prophecy) and her connection with Presidents Nixon and Reagan.

In other words, Jeane Dixon became famous because of her national exposure which then reflected back on her predictive abilities.

Her Predictions

Jeane was born in 1904 (not 1918 as some would have it) in Wisconsin before moving to California at an early age. She was secretive about her personal details, but it is clear that she felt that her abilities were a gift from God. She died in 1997.

The prediction which brought her her fame was that of the assassination of President Kennedy. However, this is not what she should be remembered for, because it was one of her less accurate ones.

In reality, in 1956 she had said in a magazine interview that the winner of the 1960 election would ' assassinated or die in office though not necessarily in his first term.' (She later said that she had thought Nixon would win.) But the vagueness of this prediction meant that it could be shaped later by the media to fit with the events.

Thus it was that Jeane Dixon became irrevocably associated with predicting Kennedy's death. 

Yet it would be far better if she were to be remembered for her other, more accurate and successful predictions. Amongst these must rank the warning to Carole Lombard not to take her fateful flight. 

Jeane's main efforts concerned life and death predictions; the sort which gain most attention and which are the clearest indicators of successful prophesying or not. 

Therefore, she must be applauded for predicting not just Carole Lombard's demise, but also Mahatma Gandhi's, Dag Hammerskjold's and Marilyn Monroe's.

In addition she predicted the Communist take-over of China and the division of India.

Her Presidential Connections

In addition to her fame through the media syndication of her predictions, Jeane Dixon further enhanced it by her association with the US Presidency. Apart from her 'Kennedy connection', she was called 'the  soothsayer' by Nixon who prepared for a terrorist attack based on what she said.

Later on, she was a confidante of Nancy Reagan and was one of the First Lady's psychic advisers.

The 'Jeane Dixon Effect'

This is the term used by a mathematician at Temple University in which people loudly tout a few correct predictions and overlook false predictions.

That this derogatory term be applied to Jeane Dixon is not a fair reflection on her life or her predictions. 

Predictions, by their very nature, are uncertain. But Jeane did seem to concentrate on the larger ideas; life and death, war and peace. The smaller scale predictions were not her forte. 

Perhaps it would be fairer to say that Jeane was responsible for raising mass awareness of psychic powers, more than any other person previously.

In many ways, she opened the way for the likes of Uri Geller, Sylvia Browne and John Edward, even though it appears that she never really sought the attention she received.

As a psychic, she certainly had her great strengths. As a celebrity, she raised popular awareness of psychic powers to a height which people like Edgar Cayce could never aspire, nor want to!. 

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