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John Edward Talks to Dead People

John Edward, TV PsychicJohn Edward is a amongst the most well-known TV psychics. His shows, Crossing Over and Cross Country are internationally syndicated.

His claim to fame rests on his ability to pass on messages from the deceased to family and friends still living.

What makes him different from people like Edgar Cayce and Jeane Dixon is that it is unlikely that he would have the reputation he does currently enjoy were it not for TV. (Although he is also a best-selling author, but that is more to do with his TV celebrity status)

And the reason that TV is the medium which allows him greater exposure is due to the likes of Uri Geller who popularized psychic abilities in the 1970's on TV shows. He also is following in the footsteps of James van Praagh, the first nationally-aired person to perform cold readings in America.

In other words, John Edward is very much a product of the time.

There have been many mediums who communicate with the dead before him, but none have had the fortune of having such massive exposure of his talents.

What does he do?

In his programs, he passes on messages he receives from the deceased people in the audience. These messages may be humorous, have very precise messages or simply reassure the person that they are remembered.

This communication with the dead has always been a fascination of people in all societies. Therefore, when someone like John Edward comes along and does it with such ease and talent, it is no wonder that attention gets paid to him. Especially when he is so able to exploit the media attention.

Like so many other psychics, he had a religious upbringing and still believes that his 'gift' is connected with God in some way.

He was told, by another medium, that he had a talent for mediumship and that he would be famous for it.

After starting out with private readings, he gained fame after appearing on Larry King Live

Is he truly psychic?

The problem with doing readings on TV is that the editing process to fit the allotted time can make the reader appear 'slicker' or better than perhaps they are. Therefore, it is not a good way of deciding on his true ability.

Also, mediums have a hard time proving that what they do is real and valid, because of the charlatans who can produce similar results by using psychological tricks. 'Cold readings', the like of which John Edward does in his shows, can be duplicated by those seeking money by duping the public.

However, it should be pointed out that, even though he has routinely been condemned as being a fraud because of this facet of his work, 60 million Americans believe in what he does. 

Anyone who can help the recently bereaved to appreciate that they are not forgotten or alone deserves some respect. 

Where mediums and seances with the dead were all the rage in the late 19th century, John Edward is merely the updated version of this ever-popular search for certainty of survival in some form after death.

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