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A List of Psychic Abilities:
Find Your Hidden Talent

This list of psychic abilities is in alphabetical order. You may learn more about the subjects with links by clicking on the word.


Channeling is also referred to as mediumship. If one channels, he or she can convey information from beings in other dimensions or realities. The term channel refers to the person being a conduit for the information without injecting their own personality. Channeling should not be attempted by amateurs, as it involves potential risks.


Clairaudience comes from French words meaning 'clear hearing'. If you are clairaudient, you know things by 'hearing' words or sounds internally. Clairaudience is a less common type of ESP than clairvoyance ('clear seeing'). If you are an auditory learner or you love music, you may have clairaudient tendencies.


From the French words 'clear feeling', clairsentience refers to a psychic way of knowing that comes through feeling. If you get hunches or gut feelings as opposed to seeing or hearing things intuitively, you are probably clairsentient. People who are empathic will tend to be clairsentient.


Of the three general types of ESP listed here, clairvoyance (from the French for 'clear seeing') is the most common. Precognition, second sight and seeing auras are all types of clairvoyance. In our society, most people prefer to gather physical information with their eyes. If you are very visual, you may also have clairvoyant abilities.


Dowsers are able to get answers to questions using their intuition. Most often, they use a tool to indicate a yes or no response, like a pendulum or L-rod. However, dowsers can also use their bodies as tools, as when blink dowsing or muscle testing. In all probability, aboriginals and most animals use dowsing or something like it to find food, water, healing herbs and other necessities. Literally anyone can learn to dowse.


Empathy represents a stronger identification with another person's feelings than sympathy does. Empathy implies that you are able to feel what they feel. If you are empathic, you can easily place yourself in their shoes. Women are more often empathic than men, though both sexes are capable of it. You might think this doesn't belong on a list of psychic abilities, as it is such a common talent.


Precognition refers to knowing things before they happen. Fortune tellers and predictors of the future use precognition. Because this ability is often referred to as 'seeing' the future, it is often considered a type of clairvoyance. This would especially be true if the future knowledge took the form of pictures, visions or anything visual. If you get 'hunches' frequently, you might find it easy to develop precognition.


Psychokinesis refers to moving objects with one's mind. Of course, the mental energy referred to is psychic energy, and so psychokinesis is a type of paranormal ability. Telekinesis is another word for the same psychic power. You can move a pen, your body or even influence the output on a machine using psychokinesis. There are many separate terms for moving particular types of objects, but they all refer to using nonphysical influence to move physical objects. If you are more of a 'doer' than a thinker or feeler, psychokinesis might be your talent.


When you touch something, you leave fingerprints. Fingerprints are physical proof of a person touching an object in the past. A gun used in a crime can have fingerprints on it for years which could lead to the shooter.

When you touch something, you leave more than fingerprints. You leave nonphysical imprints on the object. If you were feeling a strong emotion at the time you held it, the imprint is more powerful.

Psychometry is the ability to sense these invisible energetic residues on objects. And just as fingerprints can lead to the criminal, psychometrists can tell a lot about the person who touched the object just by 'reading' the energetic residues. Empathetic people would find this skill simpler than non-empathic persons.


Not talked about as often as precognition, this talent is still very useful. We are all affected by past events, whether they are things forgotten or blocked out from childhood or past life experiences. Retrocognition is a type of clairvoyance that gives the ability to 'see' the past. As most people focus on the future, more psychics are known for precognition than retrocognition.


Telepathy involves the transfer of thoughts between conscious beings. Humans can be telepathic. So can animals. Telepathy is a common psychic power in myth and fiction, and it is one of the paranormal abilities that has been studied extensively. You will see telepathy on any list of psychic abilities.

It makes sense that humans, being so verbal, would have less developed telepathy than nonverbal beings. As with all other psychic powers, this ability can be developed through practice. If you have pets or work with animals, this can be a very functional skill to develop.

Is This List of Psychic Abilities Complete?

A list of psychic abilities could include many other psi powers. Most other psychic abilities will be a subset or type of one of the psychic abilities listed above.

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