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Matthew Manning:
The Teenage Phenomenon 

Matthew Manning

Matthew Manning is probably the most researched and examined psychic individual to date. Although he was widely known earlier, today he keeps a fairly low profile. 

He concentrates on his healing work now, but in his youth had a most unsettling set of experiences.

Just think what you might feel like if you experienced the following (all of which happened to Matthew):

  • poltergeist activities (objects moving around, noises and doors opening and shutting, furniture being piled up)
  • Apports (objects appearing from nowhere) around him like old bread, beds, fossils and the like
  • At his school, furniture moved around, knives embedded themselves in walls, pools of water appeared and strange lights were seen on walls
  • 'Seeing' scenes from the past
  • Beginning automatic writing in languages unknown to him
  • Writing and names appearing on the inside walls of his home
  • Contacting his grandfather for racing tips(!)
  • Seeing auras
  • Automatic drawings in the styles of artists so good that it fooled experts
Just imagine what his parents thought of all this!

What happened next?

In a way, Matthew Manning was just starting out. The list above was, if you like, just him getting to flex his psychic muscles. After all, this stuff was going on around him and he was just experimenting with it.

The headmaster of his school really didn't know what to make of him and was twice at the point of expelling him.

Obviously, such unusual events were going to attract attention. Therefore, it's not surprising that 1974 found Matthew in Toronto bending metal (keys and cutlery) and altering compass needles in front of scientists without touching the objects.

Matthew Manning then began a five year period of being investigated by scientists in Texas and at the Universities of California and London. During this time he was observed to kill cancer cells and to alter the brainwaves of individuals.

Now, however, he concentrates on his healing abilities and there are fewer and fewer phenomena around him.

Such a wide range of psychic powers are rare in any individual. But the point of his story is not the sensational aspect of it, but the fact that what he displayed is what we can all do, whether we know it or not.

We all have innate abilities yet for most of us we achieve little with them. We all have psychic powers and should all be able to do some at least of what Matthew showed.

It would be hard to deny that such a history of well-documented phenomena shows that Matthew Manning has access to great psychic ability.

But more importantly, his tale is one of hope for the rest of us. Simply knowing such things happen is important in maintaining our own positive attitude about our own psychic abilities.

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