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Medical Intuitive

Being a medical intuitive is one way in which you can use your natural psychic powers.

It might be that this doesn't sound like this is for you. Before you make up your mind, however, it's worth understanding what it involves.

Nigel once went through a period where he was able to understand what was going on inside people just by being close to them. Once he was able to accurately describe the problem a woman was having with her knee by describing what he saw as they were sitting a table eating lunch!

It's not something he does much of now at all, and finds that the accuracy has faded, probably because he wasn't using the skill regularly.

But, if you are like that in any way, just able to 'see' or 'know' what is going on, does that make you ideal medical intuitive material?

First, there is a difference between being a medical intuitive and being a faith healer. The intuitive can usually 'see' what is going on with a person although they might not diagnose. (A few intuitives are also medical doctors and are more at ease with diagnosis.)

A faith healer, on the other hand, is someone who simply alleviates (or tries to) whatever symptoms the client is presenting. There does not have to be the clearer understanding of the specifics of the condition.

Again, there are medical intuitives who are also faith healers.

The different types

Nigel's ability was to look inside someone and see what was wrong. That is not the only way to go about this and you might recognize your talent in some of the other ways in which it works.

For example, some people can see the problem in the aura before it presents itself in the actual physical body. Seeing tears, darker areas and the like can provide valuable clues. Those who do read auras in this way often refer to specific areas of the body which might be challenged and direct the client's attention to it.

Such 'aura readers' are not just making this up. Tests of different aura readers show that they see the same sort of colors and shades and that different conditions show themselves in the same way to different readers.

Other types of intuitives are more able to 'see' the specific problem in terms of organs and the like. It's a little like claiming x-ray vision. In such cases, the client sits in front of the intuitive who slowly scans the body for problem areas, noting them down as they appear and discussing them afterwards.

As there is general agreement (amongst many cultures, across history and beliefs) that for health to be present, energy must be able to flow freely throughout the body most intuitives will refer to problem areas in terms of darkness, or stuckness or where the energy is grainy or some other term indicating lack of flow.


Edgar Cayce can be considered a medical intuitive because of the help he gave some of his clients. In his case, of course, he never actually knew what he was telling them!

Modern examples are few, in terms of popular knowledge. In fact, there are only two well-know ones; Judith Orloff and Carolyn Myss.

In a sense, Judith orloff shouldn't be on the list as she doesn't fit any of the above models. However, as a practicing psychiatrist (and a best-selling author of 'Emotional Freedom' and 'Positive Energy') she has made popular the link between intuition and health. By emphasizing that aspect, she has brought the idea that the unseen in our lives, our sixth sense, can help us greatly. She has also written a guide to becoming an intuitive healer.

Carolyn Myss (pronounced 'Mace') on the other hand, is a medical intuitive. She, however, has stopped private sessions to concentrate on her speaking and teaching schedule. In turn, this is based on her best-selling books, such as 'Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing' and 'Why People Don't Heal and How They Can' as well as her 'Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential'.

Nevertheless, she has made the idea of medical intuitive as a profession much more widely known.

It may be that this has speaked some ideas in you. Perhaps it has mde you more aware of ways in which you can use and build on the natural psychic skills you already possess.

It might be that you are a natural medical intuitive!

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