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Nostradamus: Did He See Tomorrow?

nostradamusNostradamus, who lived in France in the 1500s, is best remembered for his prophetic quatrains, four line poems that supposedly refer to future events. How accurate were his predictions?

The verdict is still out. Some of the 942 prophecies seem to be amazingly accurate. But there are so few that seem to be totally accurate and are accepted as such by all authorities.

Even if we accept that those few are accurate, what about the hundreds of other predictions? Most of his prophecies are hard to decipher and don't have dates on them. Many people say that it is easy to point out in hindsight what he might have been referring to. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be agreement on what most of the predictions are talking about.

Whether or not the prophecies are true, if you learn about the life of Nostradamus, you will have to agree he was an amazing person who had many talents.

A Complex Man of Many Talents

Nostradamus, born Michel de Nostradame, lived in France in the 1500s, and yet his name is known around the world today. What would you or I have to do to be remembered 500 years from now?

The thing this man is most famous for are his prophecies. His book of predictions, called "The Centuries" referred to the chapters having 100 quatrains each in most cases. The total number of prophetic poems is 942. Of that number, only a few have been accepted as truly predictive by large numbers of people. The rest are confusing and difficult to attribute to a particular event. Most of them lack a date, and the wording is purposely obscure.

Worse yet, translating from 16th century French is not all that easy to do. Even when you think you know what a word means, you may not have a true understanding of the idiom or allusion. All this adds to the confusion.

Michel de Nostradame purposely wrote in a confusing way. He probably did this to avoid being accused of witchcraft, as in those days, the Inquisition tortured and killed witches. As a man of Jewish hertitage whose family had converted to Catholicism to avoid persecution, he was probably more at risk than the average Catholic for being accused.

In fact, he did spend brief time in jail for a minor offense against a bishop, and there were accusations concerning a comment of his about a statue of the Virgin Mary that could have led to serious problems with the Inquisition.

Nostradamus claimed to be able to make predictions. Part of his skill was probably based in his knowledge of astrology, a subject he apparently studied at an early age. Familiarity with astrology is helpful in making long term predictions, as the relative placements and movements of heavenly bodies contribute to what we experience on earth.

Probably his most notable talent was his practice of medicine. He was known for having good results in treating the plague with a variety of methods he originated, though he admitted that none of them was uniformly curative of plague. His results were so good that he was awarded recognition by a town in southern France for saving so many people.

Nostradamus studied medicine in France at a prestigious institution, and he was considered to be a particularly gifted healer.

In addition to his medical practice, he created yearly almanacs which were quite popular. The Queen became quite impressed with his abilities, and called on his various skills multiple times, including having his draw up horoscopes for her children.

While there are many unsolved mysteries about the prophecies of Nostradamus, it is clear that he had many gifts, among them healing and astrology, as well as at least some ability as a psychic. Perhaps we will never know how great his psychic talent was due to the times he lived in, which forced him to write in obscure terms.

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