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What is Precognition?

Precognition is a psychic ability that allows you to know about future events before they happen. It is different from clairvoyance, because it deals with the future rather than the present.

Clairvoyance allows you to see things in present time using ESP as opposed to your physical senses. Precognition gives you information about future events or places using 'paranormal' means.

Pre- means 'before'. 'Cognition' relates to knowing. Most people who experience this psychic ability do so without conscious desire to.

Often, 'second sight' comes from dreams. Dreams that predict the future are more common than you might think.

People who are trained mystics may experience future visions while they are awake. This way of knowing the future is less common, but also more inclined to be subject to conscious intention.

If you train your intuitive senses to become strong, you will find it easier to access a precognitive state. For the average person, this will likely occur only in the dream state, as they are not consciously aware they have this ability, nor do they know how to access it.

Crystal ballFor a professional psychic or a trained amateur, it is possible to access future information using a variety of techniques while fully awake. The old image of the crystal ball and 'scrying' using mirrors, pools of water, etc., can apply to precognition, retrocogntion and clairvoyance, the only difference being the time that is being accessed, present, past or future.

Other ways you can access the future are methods such as rune stones, dowsing, reading tarot cards, the I Ching and psychic intuition. Divination is a term often used to refer to learning about events and places using intuitive or psychic means, and can apply to precognition.

Successful divination of the future, that is, professional precognition, is more common in Eastern cultures and non-Western cultures that value science over mysticism.

Is Precognition Real?

As with all types of ESP, this ability is doubted by some people. Even though many average individuals who do not regard themselves as psychic have experienced precognitive dreams, there are still people who argue that precognition is fake.

Sadly, the people who have these dreams often discount them as a result of indigestion or stress. Therefore, in many cases, the dream is forgotten and no confirmation is obtained.

Even the skeptics have difficulty disproving precognition. Their main argument is that science has not proven it exists.

The fallacy in this argument may not be obvious to some people, but it is huge. It may be considered a fact that science has not proven something to exist. However, it is false logic to say that means it does NOT exist.

A lack of scientific proof is not proof that something is a fake. It is merely lack of proof. Examples abound to prove this truth. Many people believe in God, love and happiness, but science has yet to prove they exist.

In fact, most of the fundamental things that people value cannot be proven to exist by science. Why is this true? Because the most valuable things are not physical things.

Science is great at proving physical things. In modern times, it has even begun to prove some types of invisible energetic things. However, it is a long way from proving the existence of all things in the Universe.

We believe in being cautious about accepting anything someone says. But it is extreme to say you won't believe in something that lacks scientific proof. Visit this page for more thoughts on skepticism and science and how it relates to psychic abilities.

How Can You Develop Precognition?

key to successIn the same way you can develop any psychic ability, you can develop this one. By learning to trust and strengthen your intuition, you broaden your ability to gather information about the world using more than just your physical senses. Doing this balances you and harmonizes you in ways you can only imagine.

We are creatures that are physical, but we also have emotions and energies. Your intuition is a valuable tool in becoming fully human. You cannot ignore a major aspect of your being and be a balanced, whole person.

Since dreams are the main way the average person has precognitive experiences, a good first step in addition to strengthening your intuition, is to keep track of your dreams. Dreams are fragile things that often evaporate quickly after you wake. Each night before bed, set your intention to remember your dreans.

If you keep a dream journal with details of your dreams, you will be surprised at how much more you recall. Maggie found that keeping a small recording device on the nightstand and recording dreams immediately on waking produced dramatic results. She found that she recorded dreams she had no recollection of having had!

Not all dreams are precognitive. Dream interpretation is a vast field in itself. For more information on this subject, follow this link. Your dreams can provide you with many useful bits of information on your present situation. Don't regard them as solely a way of gathering future data. Often, during sleep, you are working through issues, and the solution can be presented clearly or symbolically in a dream.

Whether you dream of the future or not, it is worthwhile to learn to use the dreamtime to help you improve your life by accessing your subconscious and your intuitive powers for solving problems.

By recording your dreams and dating them, you can then go back and prove to yourself if the dream was precognitive in nature.

Strengthening your intuition and releasing fear are the two most important factors in allowing precognitive information to come through to you. When you fear something about the future, you block knowing about it. Also, if your intuition is weak, it is hard for it to be heard over your normal mental chatter.

Last but not least, practice and commitment are critical factors in success. Unless you are born with a strong precognitive ability, you will need to practice to hone this skill.

'Time' and How It Affects Precognition

Time clocksOur concept of time affects our ability to picture precognition accurately. We preceive ourselves as living in linear time. Past is behind, present is now, future is ahead.

However, the truth may be much more complex! It is beyond the scope of this site to try to explain time from a quantum physics viewpoint, but suffice it to say there are many scientific perceptions of time.

There are also differing religious perceptions of time. And then of course, there is your subjective experience of time. How you view time relates to both cultural and religious values.

Whether you realize it or not, much of what you perceive is due to programming. Therefore, it is hard to know exactly what time really is.

Do the past, future and present all exist in the same time as part of a holographic universe? If so, it is very hard to process how time works.

Complicate this further by asking yourself if there are many different parallel versions of reality. If so, then the time puzzle is multiplied many times over.

If the future exists in many parallel realities, then the future is plastic. There may be probability about what will happen, but there is not inevitability. That may explain why some future predictions don't happen.

Perhaps because of our view of time, it is easy for us to 'know' the past, but hard to 'know' the future. But if they exist simultaneously, then each should theoretically be equally knowable.

Maybe by developing precognition, you are actually just overcoming social programming that says the future is not available to you.

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