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Psychic Channeling

To many people, the idea of psychic channeling can seem to be either glamorous or a fraud.

The whole purpose of offering your abilities in this way is to be able to give help and guidance to those who seek you out. In this case, such help comes via another being through you to the client.

To many people this is like the old-time seance. Someone sits and gives messages out to the people around the table.

However, that is the exception rather than the rule now. Most people expect a one-on-one session with the psychic.

If you are going to be making a living from this, either all or some of your required income, your success depends on your abilities and who is giving the information to you. Most psychic channelers have one being or one group of beings which they are able to contact most easily. Therefore, it would seem that your success or failure is going to rely heavily on the beings who speak with you.

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Psychic Channeling as a Job

If you are going to offer your services as a channel, then you obviously should be confident about your ability.

Precisely how you go abut it is, of course, up to you and your particular approach. You need to be able contact your 'whoever' whenever you need to. So, it's no good saying, 'I can only channel at one in the morning because that's when it works best.' You have to be able to be more on demand than that.

And that takes practice!

Not only do you have to be confident in your own ability, but you also have to be able to do this in front of strangers. Now, you might be one of those who is able to speak clearly and be pretty much fully conscious through it. Or, you might be unaware of what is said through you, like Edgar Cayce and only find out later what it was you said.

To get some idea of what a psychic channeler might be like, watch this video of Jane Roberts, channeling the entity named Seth.

Another well-known channel, is JZ Knight, who channels Ramtha in a different style...

These two clips will give you some idea of the way information can be passed on. What matters is not the style so much, however, as the content of the message.

Most psychic channelers are passing on general messages of hope, enlightenment and understanding to a wide audience. A few will give information specific to individuals. You need to be sure which is your strength and how best you can work.

You don't always have to speak the words. They can be written down.

Think of the hugely popular Abraham books by Esther and Jerry Hicks or the Barbara Marciniak books of her contact with Pleiadians and you will see that they are also the result of psychic channeling.

There is, however, one other area which needs mentioning. Some people are not sure that the source of the information is genuine. When Nigel, for instance, began, he wasn't sure who it was he was dealing with. He discovered that he was in contact with a group of suns(!) who were able talk with him clearly with little preparation after the first few times.

Remember that you have the right to demand of the contact who they are and to explain themselves and to demand further that they speak clearly to you and through you. It is of little interest for others to hear gibberish if only you, in your mind, can hear the truth.

Channeling doesn't mean that you offer only platitudes and expect everyone to marvel at you. or does it mean only predicting the future (which is peculiarly difficult to be accurate about, apparently).

Instead, what psychic channeling should be about is the ability to impart the messages which are necessary for the audience to hear, whoever that audience is.

If you are not able to do that in a useful way, then maybe this psychic job isn't for you.

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