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Psychic Detective

A psychic detective is a person who can use their psychic abilities to help in the solving of crimes.

The range of skills which can be applied is wide. For example, retrocognition, psychometry and dowsing have all been used at various times in this way.

The problem with involving psychics in a case is that the police forces naturally don't want to be seen as incapable of solving crimes. They can also be swamped by offers of psychic help by well-meaning but annoying members of the public.

Sorting out the useful from the rubbish takes even more time, so generally the role of psychic detective plays a hidden role in police work. Usually, they are asked to help, rather than just offering .

However, if you are interested in this aspect of your psychic powers, then first you should make sure that you practice as often as you can. Read up about ongoing crimes. See what your abilities tell you. Keep it to yourself at first! Check with the results. Then IMPROVE!

Remember that it doesn't have to be an official police-led investigation. You can help your friends and relatives in small ways. Finding lost dogs, helping to retrieve the lost item of jewelry or helping locate a lost realtive are all places for you to start.

Jacques Aymar Vernay

This Frenchman is probably the earliest example we have of a psychic detective. In 1692 he was called on to help solve a particualrly vicious murder and robbery in Lyon.

He arrived several days later and proceeded to use his dowsing rod to identify what had happened. Following where the rod led him (and his escort of police and onlookers) he identified the place where the murderers had stopped to drink wine. He also said there were three of them. (The fact that there were three men and they had stopped there was later confirmed.)

Continuing on, he went to a small prison where he identified a man, recently arrested for petty larceny, as one of the murderers. At first denying everything, he then confessed as his route was described to him, even down to the drinking of wine.

The others were pursued by Vernay, but it was found that they had slipped abroad to Italy where they were safe from extradition.

The details which he uncovered and the corroboration which they received make this an excellent example of a psychic detective at work.

The Modern Day

Although there are people who claim to be able to help the police, there are few forces willing to admit it.

Gerard Crioiset, a Dutchman who died in 1980, used psychometry in his work. It enable him to give detailed information about the facts surrounding crimes. His reputation spread abroad and he was sought after by many people. Interestingly, his son was responsible for helping to identify where the Andes flight disaster had occurred in 1972, even describing the facial 'tic' of the pilot accurately.

Peter Hurkos, also a Dutchman (died 1988), gained fame and reputation from his abilities. He claimed that after falling from a ladder and being in a coma for days, he woke with psychic powers. He was probably the most popular psychic as he had friends in the entertainment industry, becoing well-known as a result. It was Hurkos who claimed to have helped solve the Boston Strangler murders and to have identified Charles Manson. Neither claim really amounts to much.

Of those alive and practicing today, the two best known are probably Noreen Renier and Annette Martin.

Noreen has worked for years with many police departments and has lectured at the FBI academy in Quantico. Her website is here.

Annette Martin runs an agency called Closure4U. She has worked closely with the police forces in her area for many years and has helped many cases be solved. Her website is here.

Briefly, if you feel pulled in the direction of being a psychic detective you are going to be face with disbelief and outright cynicism by many. You will need to rely on your psychic skills and be very sure of them.

One final note...It is possible that some people who have been convicted of murder have been found guilty because of the details of the crime they knew about but which had never been revealed. Is it possible that some of these unfortunates were actually psychic detectives who were simply too good and in the wrong place at the wrong time?

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