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Psychic Healers: For Real?

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Do you think psychic healers are real? I know they are.

I have witnessed healings myself and I have done healings and had them done on me. I have experienced psychic healing from every perspective.

The ability to help someone feel well is a natural human talent. When a Mom touches her child with love, she gives the child healing energy.

The various methods of psychic healing all draw on this natural ability we all have. Some of the things that could make you a natural healer are:

  • Other lifetimes as a healer
  • Being an empath
  • Being very touch-oriented
  • Having a strong desire to help others

If this sounds like you, you may have a future as a psychic healer.

Rules of Healing

Healing only takes place when:
  • A person wants to be healed
  • The patient can see him/herself as healthy, or believes he/she can be
  • The ill person wants to change
  • Being healthy holds more benefit than being sick on all levels, including the subconscious
  • The healer and the healee enter into an agreement as to what belief system is operating, and they agree it can bring about healing
  • The healing is done with intent to heal

Every type of medicine, conventional, holistic or psychic, must conform to these rules to get lasting results. If any one of the above is not true, the healing either won't last or won't occur.

Types of Psychic Healing

hand and light

There are many different types of psychic healing methods. All of them work by intention, and energy is the medium.

Unlike allopathic medicine, which operates purely in the physical world, psychic healers include the world of energy in the process.

That is a very good thing, as you can see from the above list that all kinds of energies are involved in the healing process: emotions, fears, beliefs, intention.

Psychic cures can be transmitted across great distances, since energy knows few barriers. Some evidence seems to point to the ability to heal across time barriers as well. In a quantum reality, space and time should not be limiting factors.

Hands on healing is one of the most fundamental types. All you need are your hands to heal people with these methods. It is likely that the earliest types of healing were touch therapies.

Touch therapies like Therapeutic Touch, Reiki and Spiritual Healing are amazingly effective and easy for anyone to learn. Consider starting with one of these if you want to become a healer.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher, and my husband Nigel is a Spiritual Healer. We now use other techniques as well, but we have had good results with these methods.

Methods like psychic surgery and shamanic healing require more training, but are also very effective techniques that have probably been practiced for millenia.

Since intention is the main ingredient in psychic healing, all kinds of physical objects can be used to transmit the healing or anchor the intent.

Symbols, colors, plant medicines, sound, fragrance and crystals are just a few of the simple but effective items that can help in a psychic healing process. For allopathic doctors, pills and surgery are used instead.

There is such variety to psychic healing that you can select a technique that plays to your strengths. Learn it, practice it and be prepared to be amazed at the results.

Get Healed/Become a Healer

key to successThere is a lot of conflict around the whole idea of healing. Most people want to believe there is only one right path to follow.

If you go back up to the rules of healing, you will see that no one has a monopoly on health. Any belief system can work. Any model can fail.

You grew up with one healing model. If it is working for you, stick with it. If not, find one that does work for you. Don't let anyone tell you there is only one way to be healed.

I personally left conventional medicine behind some years ago when the doctor told me he couldn't help me. I was determined to be healthy again, so I went out and got healthy.

I don't mean to make it sound easy. But once you make the decision, it will happen eventually.

Holistic medicine has many converts, not just because it is safe and effective, but because so many people are disillusioned with conventional techniques. However, holistic methods also fail at times.

The same is true of psychic healers. No method works 100% of the time. Remember the rules above. All models are subject to them.

Whether you are seeking perfect health or want to help others find it, psychic healing may be a great way to realize your dreams.

Find a method you like, experience it, learn it and practice it. Your life will never be the same again.

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