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Psychic Intuition: We All Have It

Perhaps psychic intuition sounds too dramatic. Just call it intuition and it seems more normal. Everyone has intuition, just like we all have muscles.

How is your intuition like your muscles? You can strengthen it by using it. When your intuition becomes very powerful, you might then call it 'psychic'.

Why Use It?

Woman and GlowEvery day you make decisions. Those decisions make your life easier or harder. They make you money or lose you money. They contribute to your happiness or fill you with regret.

What if you could make better decisions every day? What if the hundreds of little and big irritations just went away, because you could choose the right things for yourself?

You can use your intuition to know things in a way that can make your life better. Use it to:

  • Choose a doctor, restaurant, movie or career
  • Find your perfect mate
  • Pick perfectly ripe produce
  • Know how to dress for the weather
  • Buy the best car, stereo or anything
  • Choose the best supplement, gift or color of makeup

The list is endless. Life is full of decisions, and you can now start making better ones using this ability. You can even become a professional and make money in a psychic job.

How to Develop It

Developing intuitive ability is simple, but not always easy. Practice is the key to success with anything, including your psychic powers.

There is no one right way to develop your psychic intuition. But there are some guidelines we can share with you. If you practice them, you will see changes in your life.

  • Stop multi-tasking.
  • Find quiet time for yourself every day.
  • Meditate or visualize.
  • Clear your mind of chatter. Then listen.
  • Practice a technique that appeals to you.
  • Release fear. Trust yourself.
  • Share your experiences with others of like mind.
  • Find a mentor.

key to successLet me explain why these tips will help you. Multi-tasking is overrated. It will fill your head with chatter, and make your Inner Voice a whisper instead of a shout.

Having quiet time for yourself each day is vital. Even taking 10-15 minutes before going to bed at night can make a difference. This is a great time to meditate or do visualizations.

Meditation or visualization practice will strengthen your ability to use your psychic powers. If you have too busy a mind to meditate, try simple visualization. There are guided visualizations you can listen to for relaxation and other purposes.

Learn to listen to your Inner Voice. That is easier if you clear the monkey chatter from your brain. Most of what goes through your head isn't important. Slow down and become comfortable with silence.

When you finally start 'hearing' your Inner Voice, pay attention. Do what it says. You will receive confirmation that it was the right thing. The more you follow your intuition, the stronger it gets.

Find a technique you love. This website can help you do that! Both Nigel and I started with a simple technique called dowsing. Take a class. Read books. Practice a lot.

Quit judging yourself. Don't mistrust your answers. Let go of fear. Fear blocks your intuition.

Find supportive friends to share your experiences with. It makes it easier to trust yourself.

A mentor is indispensable. You may learn from many teachers rather than just one guru. Find someone whom you trust and feel is an expert. Learn all you can from that person. Then find another. Never quit learning and growing.

Follow these guidelines and choose a technique that appeals to you. Add lots of practice, and presto: you're using psychic intuition!

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