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Psychic Tests: Do They Mean Anything?


Psychic tests are fun. But they can also be very useful.

Most free psychic quizzes are a waste of your time. We have identified one free psychic evaluation that is legitimate and worth taking.

We also found an affordable piece of software designed by and astrophysicist that will not only evaluate your psychic abilities, but help you train them.

So don't waste time searching. The psychic quiz you've been looking for is right here.

Which Test to Choose?

In my opinion, free psychic tests can be fun, but they aren't usually serious. And they can't be used to improve your skill level. The only free psychic test I have found that has any credibility is at LifeLeap Institute. Click the link for details.

I think for a small investment, it's worth having software you can use again and again that has been proven to enhance abilities. That's why we recommend the Intuition Tester software.

With the Intuition Tester, you can test yourself as often as you like and improve your results using a variety of designs. For only $14.99, you can have a tool that will help you become psychic. Click here for more details.

The science behind the Intuition Tester can be put to work for you. By using it regularly, you can actually improve your psychic intuition.

Even if you are just taking a test for fun, we feel you will enjoy the Intuition Tester more than the free versions online.

We believe you will agree that for the cost of lunch for two at McDonald's, the Intuition Tester is a real value.

Cautions About Psychic Testing

Most psychic tests measure clairvoyance, a common type of ESP. But there are many types of psychic talents, and clairvoyance is just one of them.

If your talent has nothing to do with clairvoyance, you might not do well on such tests. So just be aware that they do not test all types of psychic talents.

Another caution I have is that some people are sensitive to EMFs. Computers emit a lot of electromagnetic frequencies, so if you are sensitive, you may not test well using a computer.

Perhaps the biggest reason the test results might not mean anything is how you approach taking the test. To get the best results, you need the right attitude.

If you have a negative attitude about your talents; if you are just doing it for fun; if you are doing it to prove you don't have abilities, then you probably won't do well.

But don't go too far the other way. If you treat a psychic quiz as a 'test' and get too serious, you may set off a whole different set of red flags. Some people do not 'test' well. They just can't perform in a test situation.

Fear and other strong negative emotions block your intuition and psychic abilities, thus skewing results.

For Best Results

key to successBottom line: for best and most accurate results in psychic testing:
  • Only test yourself when you are calm and balanced
  • Have a quiet environment for your test to limit distractions
  • Make sure you feel positive and open to whatever the results are
  • Have a serious attitude, but don't be worried about 'failing'.
  • Try to meditate or empty your mind before the test. Stop the mind chatter, or it will block you.
  • Test yourself many times to get a true picture of your powers, or to measure progress

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