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Psychokinesis: The Power of a God?

Psychokinesis, also called telekinesis, PK or TK, is considered the most powerful of psi powers. It has even been referred to as 'the power of a god'.

Why is that? It is a true example of 'mind over matter'. Most ESP abilities have to do with gathering information. Examples include:

Telepathy is used for communication. That still puts it in the information category.

SpoonbendingBut psychokinesis is used to change matter. Spoonbending, psychic healing and affecting the roll of dice are all done using telekinesis, according to most experts.

Much research has been done on this ability, but results are not uniform, and it is not accepted by all scientists. Yet there have been many instances of people demonstrating this ability that cannot be proven to be fake. Perhaps the most famous living psychic who uses PK is Uri Geller.

Defining Psychokinesis

Technically, PK is slightly different from telekinesis, or TK. TK involves moving an object, including moving yourself via teleportation. PK can refer to causing changes in the object, like making a spoon soft so it bends, but also includes moving objects.

Paranormal experts point to PK as being unique among psi powers in that it causes changes to matter without using accepted laws of physics. Because it affects matter, it seems to be a godlike power.

But is it truly unique in this respect? I don't think so.

Dowsing is mainly known as a way to gather information, such as where underground water lies. But there is some evidence that dowsers are affecting matter when they dowse.

Larger numbers of dowsers are now moving underground water sources to eliminate the negative effects they have on locations. Health dowsers also use their ability to heal people, animals and plants.

When you think about it, quantum theory states that you can't be part of something without affecting it. Just observing can change results.

If you are using any psi powers, then, you can have an effect on the physical world. So a dowser or clairvoyant could just as easily be changing matter as someone using PK, but perhaps in more subtle ways.

So remember that while these categories are useful for making lists, reality works in a much fuzzier way.

Research and Testing

PK has been the focus of paranormal research for many years. J.B. Rhine performed many experiments on psychokinesis, most of which involved trying to affect the roll of dice.

While there have been many examples of people who seem to have PK ability, science has failed to create an experimental model that conclusively proves or disproves PK.

Why does science continually fail to give a clear answer on these abilities? Early on, a lack of awareness of quantum physics was bound to affect results. ESP is a sensitive energetic field, and the researcher can have a strong affect on results just by his or her belief system.

Science is only beginning to understand how all things are connected energetically, and what that means to experimental results. In our opinion, it is unlikely that science will become advanced enough for many years to be able to design a foolproof experiment on ESP.

Until then, you will have to make up your own mind about this psi power.

Do You Have This Ability?

Key to SuccessAre you touch-oriented? Are you a kinesthetic learner (learn by doing as opposed to by seeing or hearing)?

Psychokinesis will be more easily developed if you are oriented to physical matter. That is merely a way of testing inclination. Anyone can theoretically become talented at this ability.

An example is Felicia Parise, an American medical technician in the 70s, who was inspired after reading of a Russian woman who was good at PK. Having seen films of Nina Kulagina use telekinetic powers, Felicia decided to do so herself.

She was observed to move objects on a number of occasions. She had not exhibited this talent earlier in life. This is an arguable case for developing PK as an adult.

If you are attracted to this talent, start developing it by practicing the steps on this page.

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