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Psychometry: The Magic Touch?

In 1842, Joseph Buchanan, an American professor of physiology, first used the term 'psychometry'. He described it as a natural ability to know about the history of an object by handling it. Using his students as subjects, he devised experiments to demonstrate the existence of this phenomenon.

Since psychometry has also come to be associated with a totally different subject, the phrase
'token object reading' is also applied to this psychic ability.

psychometryHow does it work? No one can be sure, but some theories suggest that emotions leave a sort of energetic fingerprint on an object. A physical fingerprint can lead the authorities to the man who pulled the trigger in a murder. The energetic imprints left on the gun can likewise give accurate information, but much more detailed, about the person who shot it.

You will notice a theme on this website that all the physical senses have invisible counterparts in the intuitive world. With token object reading, the impressions you receive may be visual, but they can also be emotional, smells, sounds, and tastes. In other words, any intuitive counterpart to the physical senses may be included in this ability.

Probably, whatever your strongest psi power is will manifest the way you get information about an object.

This ability tells you about the past of an object, not its present or future. So it is sort of like a retrocognitive ability gained through touch.

Developing Psychometric Ability

Think about dogs following a scent. If you know about dogs, you know that some are better at doing this than others.

All dogs are better at following a scent than humans, but bloodhounds are the king of dogs for hunting by smell. They have been bred for this purpose.

Even bloodhounds can't always follow a scent. They lose it in water, or if the animal goes up a tree and travels through the canopy and comes down too far away to pick up the scent.

They can be confused by stronger scents. That's why drug smugglers use coffee grounds to confound dog's noses. A scent can get old or washed away by rain, and some surfaces keep a scent longer and better than others.

The same is true of the energies attached to an object. Certain energies are very powerful, especially those with strong emotional components, like hate, fear or love.

Some people will leave a stronger imprint than others, and everyone can vary in how strong an imprint they leave from day to day. If you read Dean Koontz's book The Bad Place, the bad guy uses psychometric ability to track his victims. It is a very interesting and excellent description of this psi power.

On the side of the guys with white hats, psychic detectives use this ability to help solve crimes. Science is getting better at physical evidence, especially in areas where large amounts of money are available for instruments and labwork. The nice thing about psychometry is that anyone who has the talent can use it anyplace, anywhere. And it gets more detailed information than physical evidence in many cases.

One experience we had with psychometry was during a space clearing job we did on site in a residence in Sedona, AZ. Strangely, a portion of the living room wall was holding a very strong negative energy. We mentioned this to the homeowner, and she recalled that the man who painted the interior of the house had been painting that wall when he got particularly bad news. He tried to continue painting, but had to give up and go home. The impression of his negative emotions remained a few years later, at the time of the space clearing!

key to successAs with all abilities, this one is not 100% accurate. So if you want to develop this talent, be paitent. Be aware that you are a psychic bloodhound, and that you will have good days and bad days.

Developing your intuition is the first step in becoming psychic. It takes time and effort, but very little money. Begin basic intuitive practices. Then go on to developing psychometric ability.

A book we recommend is Ted Andrews' How to Develop and Use Psychometry. While it is very hard to teach psychic powers, Ted Andrews is very talented and credible writer.

This particular talent may be used regardless of your particular preference intuitively. Probably if you are touch-oriented, you will have a slight advantage, as the initial reading is by touch. But you can receive the information in any way, so this is more of a level playing field than some other psi powers.

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