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What is Retrocognition?

'Retro' means behind, backwards or in past time. 'Cognition' relates to knowing. Retrocognition is a psi power that allows you to know about past events and places without using your physical senses. It is also known as postcognition.

Have you ever felt a sense of deja vu? You walk into a place for the first time, or you meet someone new, and you feel you have been there and done that before, but you can't quite figure out why. Deja vu may be considered a weak form of postcognition. In at least some cases, your intuition is probably telling you that you knew this person or place from another lifetime.

old photographPast life recall is fairly rare, but it does occur. There have been studies of small children who recall previous lives in great detail. Not surprisingly, the cases often occur in cultures where reincarnation is accepted. Maybe the truth is that all children are likely to have retrocognitive experiences, but if they live in the West, they will be told they are imagining things.

Retrocognition is like the Cinderella of psychic knowing. Precognition and clairvoyance, talents that tell the future and the present using psi ability, are much more glamorous. The ability to tell the past seems mundane by comparison. Plus, it may be that it seems easier to dismiss as a recollection of something seen in passing long ago, rather than a true psychic experience.

Regardless of whether you consider this ability to be interesting, it is still a useful talent to have. We use this ability in our daily work. It helps us to uncover past life issues and negative influences on this life. It is also useful for retrieving forgotten information.

How Do You Experience Retrocognition?

There are many ways of experiencing this psychic ability. Dreams, visions and feelings can all be ways of accessing past information. Psychometry, where information about an object is obtained by handling it, is often considered a form of postcognition. In these cases, the information may often come to you unbidden or unconsciously.

The average person is more likely to experience this psi power in one of the above ways. Professionals can use any number of methods to be retrocogs. Dowsing, rune stones, card reading and other divination methods are all valuable and effective tools for retrocogs.

How Can You Develop Retrocognition?

Key to SuccessAs with all psi powers, we recommend you strengthen and use your intuition if you want to develop this talent. Follow this link for general information on developing your intuition.

Dowsing is a useful technique that anyone can learn that will help you access information from the past or past lives. We feel that dowsing is the simplest technique the average person can learn that will allow him or her to access a broad spectrum of psi powers.

If dowsing does not appeal to you, then card reading would probably be the next best technique to master. When addressing past life information, some card decks will be more useful than others. We would suggest the more complex decks such as the Rider Waite deck for such purposes.

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