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Space Clearing
Harmonizes Your Environment

CottageWhy do space clearing? Did you know cancer is a disease of location? Did you know that ghosts, negative emotional energies and curses are present in most environments, and have a detrimental effect?

Are you aware that historical events that happened on your property are still affecting those who live there? Even events that you don't know about, like death, murder, war and disease?

To get rid of these noxious energies, or to balance your environment, you need to tap your psychic abilities.

Space clearing, like feng shui (the art of placement), is a technique that creates energetic harmony in your environment. But it goes way beyond feng shui.

Having well-developed intuition is a real help if you do this psychic job. Why? Because most of the 'bad' stuff in your environment is invisible.

Professionals can help you with environmental harmonization, but you can learn a lot of the basic techniques yourself and help keep your space clear and balanced. A harmonious environment leads to health, prosperity and happiness.

Why Clear Your Space?

Do you vacuum or dust your living area? How often do you 'clean house'?

Depending on your living situation, you need to energetically clean your house regularly, too. We have found that for most people, three or four house clearings per year are best.

Why clear your space? Just as physical junk like dust and dirt are not healthy, invisible junk can also be unhealthy. In fact, the invisible nasty stuff in your living space is probably more harmful to you than all the dirty physical stuff.

When the negative energies build up, or when your living space is not balanced, you probably will experience health issues, relationship problems, money and job challenges and high stress.

To read more about cancer and environmental energies click here.

Some detrimental invisible energies are:

  • Curses
  • Ghosts
  • Negative emotional energies like sadness, anger and stress
  • Certain earth energies, such as underground water and fault lines
  • Certain cosmic energies

The list is much longer, but that gives you an idea of what's out there. We live in a sea of energy, and we can't even 'see' what's there. That's where psychic powers come in handy.

As experts in this field, we prefer to call this process environmental harmonization. 'Space clearing' is a better-known phrase, but we feel it gives the wrong impression. Rather than just getting rid of energies, we balance and harmonize energies for the benefit of all who live and visit a location.

Being clairvoyant or psychically intuitive makes it easier to keep your space balanced and harmonized.

Using Psychic Powers in Space Clearing

GhostsI have often heard people say things like, "I don't need a space clearing. I don't have any ghosts or curses."

To me, that's kind of like saying, "I don't have to be concerned about bacteria or viruses, because I can't see them."

Can you see germs? Of course not. They are too small to be seen physically.

Does that mean they don't exist? No. It just means you need special help if you want to see them.

Do you act like they don't exist just because you can't see them? No.

Well, ghosts and curses are like germs. They are invisible to the human eye. They can cause you harm.

If you are psychically sensitive, you can detect the presence of these and many other invisible elements in your environment.

The 'bad' news is that almost everyone has ghosts and curses in their living space at one time or another. The good news is that they are usually fairly easy to deal with if you know how, with some exceptions.

Ignoring them is far more harmful to your health than forgetting to wash your hands before eating.

If you can dowse or if you are clairvoyant, you can easily detect these things. Sometimes you can even use physical cues to become aware of them. For example, we have found that strange sounds and blinking lights or electronics can sometimes be caused by a spirit trying to get your attention.

How and When
to Clear or Harmonize?

key to successHow often do you need to clear your space and how do you do it? Where you live should probably be cleared three or four times a year by a professional.

If you are doing it yourself, do it more often, at least once a month. If you do your own work, have a professional check it for you now and then.

What about where you work or do business? The energies there can lead to accidents, money problems, illness, absenteeism and a poor working atmosphere. All of those cost you money or worse.

So we recommend business clearings be done more often than house clearings. How often depends on a number of factors, including (but not limited to)

  • type of work
  • number of people on site
  • location
  • amount of traffic

Once a month would probably be a good starting point for an average business.

If your work or business is what we consider high risk:

  • health care of any kind
  • prison or police
  • funeral/cemetery
  • bartending
  • rehab
  • active military
  • counseling
you probably need more help. These professions attract really negative stuff that can hurt you if you don't deal with them.

How is clearing done? There are many ways to harmonize your environment. The key is to find what works for you.

Traditionally, smudging with sage, using sound (as in bells), placement and clearing clutter, prayer and crystals have all been used successfully.

We are professionals in this field, and we use many methods. Our experience has shown that the traditional methods are becoming less successful in the last year or so. We suspect this is because the energy shift that is coming in the year 2012 has already started.

So whatever you do, plan on having space clearing done regularly, especially as the year 2012 approaches. Be flexible and adapt.

Your health and well-being reflect the harmony of your energetic environment. Become aware and use your psychic powers to help yourself.

Becoming a Professional

We have been working professionally in this field for a combined total of over twenty years. We have written articles and books, given seminars and classes and done individual clearings.

If you are interested in learning about this field, the first thing we suggest is to visit our website on this topic. There you will find many pages of useful information that will get you started on the path to becoming a professional house clearer.

We practice a method that we call Modern Western Geomancy. Our goal is to harmonize all the elements of an environment so that it benefits all the people, animals and plants that live, work and visit.

What we do is not feng shui. Feng shui is an Eastern method that is very old and efficient at keeping chi flowing through your home or business.

Modern Western Geomancy is more comprehensive and deals with modern problems using effective and simple solutions. What we do transforms the energy of a location to make it beneficial.

After you have read and learned more about this interesting subject, you will want to develop your psychic abilities. That will give you far better results than if you rely on your physical senses alone.

Dowsing is an excellent way to begin to sense your environment intuitively.

Once you are able to recognize what is there, you can use dowsing or another technique to choose an effective way of transforming the energies.

Practice is the key to mastering space clearing. Don't be discouraged if at first you aren't sure of yourself. Just keep practicing.

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