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Sylvia Browne

Sylvia BrowneSylvia Browne has developed a strong following amongst the public.

She has made frequent appearances on various TV shows, principally The Montel Williams Show and hosts her own radio show at Hay House Radio.

Compared to the likes of John Edward or James van Praagh, Sylvia Browne is probably closer to what we all would like to think of as being a 'typical' psychic.

She definitely has feet of clay and she has an earthy humor and very decided views on what precisely the afterlife is like.

In other words, she is on the interesting side of eccentricity, and that makes for good publicity!

What does she do?

She is an author and psychic medium as well as founder of her own church; the Society of Novus Spiritus. 

She has authored or co-authored at least 40 books and gives readings to groups and individuals.

She also, like most of the other famous psychics, gives predictions. Again, like most of the others, she doesn't appear to have a very good success rate. 

(I wonder if this low success rate has anything to do with having to make public predictions? Uri Geller's failure in this aspect has been called 'The Geller Effect', because whenever he backs a team to win, they lose.)

She has been convicted of investment fraud and grand theft and served 200 hours of community service.

Like everyone else claiming to be psychic and in the public eye, there are plenty of people to say she is a fraud and has no special abilities whatsoever.

Nevertheless, that hasn't stopped her from describing heaven (a constant 78 degrees F., no insects (unless you want them),build a house anywhere and your pets go there as well, plus it's three feet above ground but on a different vibrational level), or from stating that angels don't speak.

What's not to like about this woman?

Is she a real psychic?

Well, there's the thing. Since she started giving psychic readings, she's had detractors.  There's even been claims that she has privately admitted that she has no paranormal powers and that the gullible deserve to be taken advantage of.

The point is, there's so much smoke over the whole issue of public psychics that you're never going to get agreement, however wonderful the facts appear to be.

So, instead, why not have a truly, genuinely interesting person, like Sylvia Browne, who claims to be able to talk to the dead or predict the future?

At least, she's keeping the idea of psychic powers in front of people. And more than that, you cannot ask for!

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