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Mind Reading ESP

Telepathy is a natural form of nonverbal communication that does not involve the five physical senses. This type of ESP is one of the better-known psi powers.

Superheroes often have the ability to communicate telepathically. Who wouldn't want to be able to read minds?

But what if it were a natural intuitive form of communication? How else to explain the uncanny ability of a Mom to know what her child needs, even when the child is not present? And wouldn't psychic communication be a logical form of communication in pack animals during a hunt?

There are so many ways to communicate that the boundaries blur. That makes it challenging to tell the exact mechanism in some cases.

This fuzziness is used by skeptics to challenge the existence of telepathy. Yet even scientists agree that there are proven cases of telepathy.

Mind Reading Skills

Does mind reading exist? Of course it does. But so does cold reading and great intuition.

How can you tell the difference between ESP and good psychology? You can't easily.

Cartoon peopleCommunication is a complex function that involves many things. When done in person, it can involve at least four of the five senses, or all five in intimate relationships.

What about other nonverbal ways? Body language is very important in humans and many species of animals.

'Cold reading' is best done by observing your subject in person and using leading questions and good psychology to predict a person's response.

Salesman use these types of techniques. So do fake psychics. As do doctors and vets and psychologists.

I haven't heard anyone say cold reading doesn't work. It does. You can gather accurate information using cold reading. But it is different from psychic reading.

Sometimes famous psychics are accused of 'cold reading' instead of using ESP. Being able to ask good questions and tune into your subject are helpful in psychic reading.

Psychics don't blind themselves or block out data. Since they add ESP to all their other communication skills, it can be hard to tell where one ends and another begins.

Communicating at a distance when there is no physical connection is harder to explain away. Working by phone limits the likelihood of using cold reading effectively.

Like many psychics, we do most of our work long distance and by phone, and we are able to be quite effective. Just this morning, I was talking from my office in AZ to a cat in CA without having any physical connection. I think that takes ESP.

Mind Control?

The dark side of telepathy is mind control. In fiction, some characters can project pain, emotions or thoughts into someone else's head using ESP.

Any power can be abused. That is why 'techlepathy' has me concerned.

People who call themselves transhumanists see technologically enabled mind reading, or techlepathy, as the inevitable future of humanity. They want to connect our nervous systems to computers and other technological devices.

Sounds very futuristic and could be used for good things. But doesn't it also sound creepy?

Everyone is so scared of identity theft these days. And that just happens when someone steals your credit cards.

What if you were connected to a computer? Then mind control would not be a possibility. It would be a reality.

Psi powers need to be developed responsibly. If unenlightened people get unlimited power, a lot of damage can be done.

That is why we do not encourage the pursuit of psi powers in and of themselves. There is a responsible way to become psychic.

Becoming a Mind Reader

Key to SuccessYou can learn any psi power. Your best bet is to start by developing your intuition. Once you have begun to listen to and trust your intuition, you will find it easier to develop psi powers.

Mind reading is easiest for people who like people and who like to communicate. Sounds basic, but a predisposition to communicate will make telepathy easier.

For those who are introverted and shy, this power can still be developed. Try communication with animals before people. That is a good first step if you are shy, as long as you love animals.

If you are such a hermit that you don't like or have contact with animals or people, then maybe you could start with plants. Yes, plants communicate.

Pick whatever works for you. Remember to keep practicing.

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