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How Many Types
of Psychic Abilities are There?

There are many types of psychic abilities. But everything that is referred to as the paranormal, or ESP, involves using one thing: your intuition.

I (Maggie) used to be a skeptic. I knew there were people who could do amazing things, but I didn't believe everyone could be psychic. Boy, was I wrong! Now I use ESP all the time.

My husband Nigel, coauthor of this website, had similar experiences. Like me, he was a late bloomer in psychic abilities. Through practice, he has developed a number of talents like channeling, healing, dowsing and predicting the future.

Intuition can be expressed or accessed in many ways. You can find a 'flavor' that appeals to you. With practice, you can become reliable at it and use it to improve your life.

A List of Psychic Abilities:
The Many Flavors of Intuition

Any list of psychic abilities will include all the familiar things you have seen in the movies, but the fact remains that different psi powers are just manifestations of your intuition. What are some of the more common types of psychic powers?

There are other types of psychic abilities not on this list, but they are not common, and most are subsets of one of the above talents. Some things that might be regarded as psychic powers, such as healing, are actually an application of talents like clairvoyance, clairaudience and psychokinesis.

If you want to develop your psychic powers, one of the above is probably the place to start.

What About YOU and Psychic Powers? 

Do you have psychic powers? Would you like to?

Remember, everyone has Intuition, the basis of all psychic powers. Some are better at accessing it than others. But we all have it.

key to successStart getting in touch with your Intuition. Start listening to it. For many, that is harder than it might seem. As you begin to recognize and use your intuition well, you will begin to believe in your own psychic abilities.

Learn to dowse. This so-called psychic ability is one anyone can learn. We have wonderful resources on this site to help you accomplish this. Once you prove you have one psychic talent, you will find it easier to develop others.

Click here to visit the Psychic Intuition page, where we go into detail on taking the first steps toward developing your psychic powers.

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